Blog Post 10 – Tom Tom Event

Today, I had the opportunity to attend the Youth Summit at the Tom Tom Founders Festival. Although this event was geared towards younger individuals (high school) I was able to hear two young innovative speakers, Nikhil Goyal and Leilei Secor.

Nikhil is a 20-year-old activist who wanted to speak on the subject of educational malpractice. From his own experiences in high school in Long Island, he found that many people were not only bored and disengaged but also there was a mental health crisis. Along with this mental health crisis came the pressures of succeeding in school, sleep deprivation, and possibly prescription drugs. Nikhil wanted answers and reached out to many educational reformers and is still working on his solution to a better education system. He urged the youth to find something, to inform themselves, and to get involved.

Leilei is a second year from UVA and started her own Etsy company, Designed by Lei, the summer before her Junior year of high school. She was unable to find a job and decided to start making her own jewelry and to sell it online. She began looking for trending ideas and different things that she could easily change to what she believed was better and then sold them at a competitive price. By doing so, Leilei was able to purchase her own car and raised over $100K dollars in revenue last year. Her message was that many things can be taught, but passion cannot be and she urged the youth to find something they were passionate about and to pursue it.

Both Nikhil and Leilei provided great information on how they became such successful entrepreneurs at a young age and their talks were very useful. I enjoyed the event and took many things away from it.

Blog Post 10 – Tom Tom Event

One thought on “Blog Post 10 – Tom Tom Event

  1. Tom Tom was an awesome event, and it sounds like the Youth Summit was a contributing factor to this. I also attended a talk but it was the next day. All the speakers were very interesting and had many lessons to give on leadership and hard work no matter what their business venture entailed. Nikhil raises some ideas that I have though about before in the malpractice of American education process especially with the use of prescription drugs. I wish the best to Nikhil and Leilei in the future.


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