Blog Post 9

As we head into the third week of the existence of our hydroponics system let’s discuss week two results as well as the expectations for week 3. The kale in our hydroponics system looked healthy and we added water and nutrients to maintain the levels. After walking HackCville on Tuesday however, I was worried that the plants might be in too cold of an environment.

Conducting more research, I found that Kale (when being grown hydroponically) produces the best results in 75 to 85 degrees weather. This does not mean our kale will not survive (as it can grow in temperatures as low as 40 degrees), but I do wonder if it will stunt the growth as well as the overall nutrients of the plant.

Additionally, we have not been able to check the pH levels of our reservoir. Kale needs between a 5.5 and 6.5 pH level in order to grow healthily. Low levels may result in the plant slowly dying. More so, sources say that the Kale can take up to 4 months to fully grow, however since we did not use seeds, I believe we will be able to harvest our plants within the next two weeks (baby kale can be harvested 20-30 days after being places in a hydroponics system).

It will be interesting to see whether or not our Kale can grow successfully and become harvestable before classes end. I believe we will be successful in harvesting, however I hope we can monitor our pH level in the upcoming two weeks. More so, I believe it is not crucial for our kale to grown in 75 to 85 degrees whether because if it can grow in worse than suggested conditions and remain nutrition then that could broaden the scope of our customer base and target areas.

Blog Post 9

One thought on “Blog Post 9

  1. The fact that we should have measured the pH level is a really good point. I know that our team had planned on doing that, but without pH strips the initial week, I suppose we just forgot. I think that we need to put this on our website as something that we recommend others do in the future. Unfortunately, our collapsing bucket structure and our neglect to fill the plants’ water for a week will make it hard to determine how important maintaining the pH level or amount of sunlight that the plants had was.


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