Blog Post 8

This is the first week mark of our wick hydroponics system. The plants are doing well, still standing up-right. However, to me the plants seem to be a little more shriveled and the sand a bit dryer. In analyzing our own system, I had the chance to take a look at the other two class design as well.

The first design is similar to a wick system. Imagine a large 5 gallon bucket that has three upside down 2 liter water bottles, that are cut open, floating in the nutrients filled water. These bottles are filled with soil and have plants sitting within them. The plants seem to be healthy and absorbing nutrients. I really like this design because it seems very cost effective. I believe anybody has the ability to make it because all items have substitutes.

The second design has a water reservoir above the plants that are sitting in a rectangular pot similar to our design. The team took a daring approach and took the plants out of their natural soil to see how the plants would uphold in only a sand base. I was skeptical of their approach at first, but today the plants seem to be gaining more life.

I believe this Tuesday is going to be the most crucial. I think we will be able to tell in which direction our project is headed. Although the sand seemed damp, I am concerned about the amount of water and nutrient our plants are getting from the wick system.

Plant Statistics:

Frayed Cotton: 1) 5.0 inches 2) 5.5 inches

Straight Cotton: 1) 5.25 2) 5.5

Braided Cotton: 1) 6.0 2) 5.5


Blog Post 8

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