Blog Post 7

This week we finished the development and construction of our hydroponics system. As mentioned before we used three different wicks to see which one would be the most efficient and produce the greatest results. We used two plants per wick (6 total). This post will discuss the construction of the system.

In my last post, I mentioned my skepticism of the use of plastic in separating the plants, however it was very successful. We used duct tape to secure the plastic. When we added sand to the respective “pots” and the plastic held strongly. We then filled the water reservoir and had each wick touching or submerged in the water. We used different lengths to see if the depth of the wick correlated with a better growth of the plants. Another aspect that was added was an electric pump, to provide a small current within the reservoir to cause the nutrients to cycle throughout. Although we intended to use a manual pump, the automatic pump will work well for our test and simulation. Below is a picture of our final design:


I am very curious to see if there are any of our plants that die due to our different testing methods. I am expecting one to be better than the others, however I am not sure which wick will produce the best results. Next class period we will be able to make our first evaluations of the system as well as give more accurate predictions for our results.

Blog Post 7

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