Blog Post 6

Today, we received our supplies for our wick hydroponics system. We are using Kale as the main vegetable which we decided to grow using three different materials as a wick. Due to constraints, the design of our hydroponics system changed, however the functionality and operations did not.

The three types of wicks we are using are, braided and unbraided cloth, and a braided shirt. They are all going in a rectangular pot which will sit on top of the water reservoir. We had to cut the reservoir in order for our plant container to fit properly. This was to ensure that our wicks were not too long so our plants could obtain enough nutrients.

One thing I am skeptical about is how we are going to separate our wicks. The team is planning on using plastic wrap however I feel that the water and nutrients will leak through. This would lead us to have untrue statistics because one wick could do better than the other, however if we do not separate the plants properly then we will not truly know which wick works the best. I am going to research the subject in hopes of finding a more optimal solution by Thursday.

I am excited to see the progress that we make and am hoping that our system becomes successful.

Blog Post 6

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