Week 5 – Open Source

Las week we discussed the practicality of our planned hydroponic system design as well as constructed a business model canvas to better understand the business approaches we are going to need to take in order to create a sustainable product that can reach many refugee camps.

Initially our team decided that we would attempt to grow lettuce because of its ability to grow in sunlight or shade making it easier to grow in different climates. However, we concluded that the main goal was to help increase the nutritional resources in refugee camps instead of just providing them with something to grow and eat. We decided that Kale was the best option, because of its high nutritional value (a single serving meets your vitamin A and B needs for a day). It provides all sorts of vitamins and mineral that contribute to a better health. More so, Kale is nutrient dense so it can be consumed in low quantities, meaning that it would yield a greater impact on the number of people that can be fed.

In constructing our business model canvas. The main thing we focused on was our value proposition. We noted that through our product, refugee camps would not only be able to grow food, but the maintenance of the system would provide them with an activity. Additionally, the growth of food will help develop a market and hopefully provide a sustainable food growing system.

In the upcoming week we plan on finding the parts and pieces to produce a prototype. This will help us understanding what changes we need to make and the practicality of our product.


Sources: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/food/is-kale-really-bad-for-you

Week 5 – Open Source

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