Open Source – Week 4

This week we met in our groups to discuss the various hydroponics systems that we could implement in different refugee camps in third world countries. Things we took into consideration were the costs of building the system, its use in various climates, and the types of plants that would be most useful in these climates.

We came to the conclusion that a hydroponic wick system would work the best because it is cheap and costs effective. This is due to the fact that a wick system does not use any electricity and does not require a pump. We considered the fact that many of the refugee camps we will need to help will have limited knowledge about the systems, so the less complex they are the easier they will be to manage and use. The design of our wick system will be very important since a downside is the amount of nutrients they can provide. However, we chose lettuce as our crop of choice which is one of the easiest plant to grow and it takes up minimal space. It grows faster in sunlight, however it is able to grow in the shade as well.

For the upcoming week, we plan to develop a design of the wick system we are going to implement as well as a list of our foreseen expenditures and costs. I am excited to learn more about the wick system and how we can design it to be as cost effective as possible.



Open Source – Week 4

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